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Fire it Up! Guanciale Fresca

Summer is here, and especially in Italy that means finding new and creative ways to not have to use your oven so that you stand a chance of surviving the searing heat of the season. Plus, while Italy might not have the same tradition of grilling and barbecuing as the United States, there are still plenty of ways to get your cook on outside and make it a pretty spectacular event. 

It's still fairly commonplace for homes in Italy to have an outdoor cooking area, and many include a wood fired oven. That's right, it is really just that idyllic around here that people have pizza ovens in their backyards that they can just fire up and do some incredible cooking with. Yes friends, everything you've heard is true and yes, you are entitled to the jealousy raging in your belly. 

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Veal Heart

I know, I know, it's another post about something that you'll probably think is gross. The heart. Because you're all lovers, not fighters and you think that eating a heart is just about as close as you can get to your favourite scene in Hannibal (I hear series 3 gets awesome, by the way). But like many other things, I think that once I've explained how I prepare it and how great it can be, you'll be convinced to try it yourself. It really is a fantastic cut of meat and I very much encourage you to try it out. 

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