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Sego Ciambellone

I was really delighted and frankly surprised by all of the feedback that our post about preparing and using tallow (or Sego in Italian) received since we published it. It's great to think that people are perhaps warming to the idea of learning about different fats again and that some of the stigma attached to using animal fats is perhaps starting to be lifted. That, and they did look cute wrapped up in their hipster brown paper. 

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Sego, some truths about food blogging and an apology

The image above is of beef fat which, when rendered, becomes what we call tallow in English and sego in Italian. Our contemporary opinions of animal fats, which range from the dismissive to the squeamish have resulted in a steady decline in the use of them. We have grown to favour a spectrum of alternative fats: on the one end are oils like Olive, Coconut and Avocado which are all admittedly delicious and carry with them a range of health benefits. On the other end are so called 'healthy' fats like margarine or its like, which are not so much healthy as they are simply unrecognized as having any business in the human body and thus tend to leave as they came, undigested and unchanged. 

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