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Preserving Tomatoes Part 2: Homemade Ketchup

The origin of ketchup is actually incredibly fascinating and tells the story of immigration, ingenuity and the power of food to tell the story of a people. Honestly, I'm really not lying about this. Because we could never do justice to it, we encourage everyone to head over to Dan Jurafsky's piece about ketchup's evolution from a pickled fish brine to a thin mushroom type sauce to the sweet tomato nectar we all know and love today. And while it's more (much more, really- read the article!) than tomato sauce, our modern ketchup is also much more than the store bought paste we've all become used to slathering on our burgers. 

Not that this is a bad thing: there's certainly something to be said for slathering our burgers in condiments while the last waning rays of summer colour the sky and there is something essential about the tangy sweetness that we've come to know and love. That said, if you've got it in you to make some of your own, the results are fantastic and very much worth it. Cook the ingredients down together over a low flame and leave it to cool before serving. 

 Plus, history! 

Homemade ketchup

2Kg Tomatoes
200g apple cider vinegar
200g honey
150g onion
20g garlic
1g fennel seed
1g coriander seed
1g cinnamon
pinch nutmeg
1g mustard seed




*Recommended pairing for this article: Yellow Tomato Gazpacho

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