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Buon Ferragosto!


Friends, we'd like to first wish you all a happy Ferragosto from Tuscania- if you're outside of Italy and don't know what Ferragosto is, we can tell you that it is most effectively translated as "the day where nothing is open at all". When we first came to Italy three years ago we arrived in Lecce on Ferragosto with no knowledge that this day is the absolute apex of the summer and its partial closures, and we waited for a bus to take us to a campground for about six hours. 

Nonetheless, we now know that Ferragosto is the measuring stick by which the Italian summer is measured, and as long as we've done all of our food shopping in advance we're very happy to celebrate. It's a fine day as well: families go out for walks together, to the sea together and of course, eat together. 

In that vein we were really happy to learn that La Cucina di Casa Caponetti has been rated #1 of 35 restaurants in Tuscania by Trip Advisor  which is a really nice way for us to go into our weekend.  It's nice to see that those extra minutes spent in the garden and in the kitchen are reflected in peoples' dining experiences. Its been especially nice to see a regular clientele developing; as Mark and I both know from decades of experience in restaurants, locals are the backbone of any restaurant's success, and we're thrilled to see familiar faces. 

Of course, Mark will be in the kitchen all day today and tomorrow because national holidays are never really restaurant holidays; I'll be working the hard hitting news stories you've come to expect from us here at ViaMedina. Next up, gelato wars...