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A London Lullaby

London is the place for me

St Pancras

London this lovely city

rainy london

You can go to France or America, India, Asia or Australia

greenwich sunset

But you must come back to London city


Well believe me I am speaking broadmindedly

hipster bike

I am glad to know my Mother Country

buckingham palace

I have been travelling to countries years ago


But this is the place I wanted to know

mark on a swing

London that is the place for me

smithfield market

To live in London you are really comfortable

maku and gingy dancing

Because the English people are very much sociable

alec fireman

They take you here and they take you there

cereal killer cafe

And they make you feel like a millionaire

maku at the wedding

London that’s the place for me

coffee in london

At night when you have nothing to do


You can take a walk down Shaftesbury Avenue

red bicycle

There you will laugh and talk and enjoy the breeze

georgie and maku

And admire the beautiful scenery

tower of london

Of London that’s the place for me

devils tavern

Yes, I cannot complain of the time I have spent

reggie karaoke

I mean my life in London is really magnificent

reggie microphone

I have every comfort and every sport

selfridges elevator

And my residence is Hampton Court

sonny swing

So London, that’s the place for me 

rule britannia