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Quail Scotch Egg: A Wedding in the Country

Quail egg, Quail black truffle farce, salsa verde clarified oil

Quail egg, Quail black truffle farce, salsa verde clarified oil

Friends! We've had some kind of week getting ourselves ready for Mark's brother's wedding, for which we've come to England for the week to one of the very greenest and most beautiful corners of the country. We'll be in Derbyshire for the weekend celebrating, and Mark is fine tuning his best man speech while I marvel at how spot on Lindy Bop is for sizing dresses online (as well as generally having incredible things- really, check them out for your next event). We'll be back in Tuscania on Monday afternoon where we'll have a fresh batch of stories and recipes to think about. Plus, we'll have restocked on curry spices, Marmite, shortbread biscuits and tea! 

Being here for Joe and Georgie's wedding is incredible: we get to see our family here, take a couple of fantastic pints at the local pub (more on that later) and get some fish and chips done with proper peas. It also made us think about the foods that we've shared since we first got together and how much they've meant to us since then. For my first birthday that Mark and I spent together, he made dishes that came from both of our childhoods and that had marked each of us in some way. He started that meal with a Scotch quail egg, a miniature rendition of a storied and most British dish. Scotch eggs are said to be invented by Fortnum & Mason and when Mark and I lived briefly in London we used to take long wandering walks through that store, marvelling at the colours and smells and (especially) the tablet fudge. 

The quail scotch egg above was coated with quail stuffing, in deference to my inability to eat pork (which will become quite important next week when I talk about my latest Sagra adventure to a porchetta festival) but it would normally be done with sausage. But more than that, its the first piece of a shared childhood that Mark and I shared; as we watch our brother and sister-in-law celebrate this weekend we wish them dozens of their own memories and all of the happiness in the world. 

With all that in mind, we'll see you all on Monday. Until then, Cheers!