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Curry Club

I can't lie to you all. I feel like we've become close now, like we tell each other things and like we've created a safe space here together at ViaMedina. Which is why I've decided to let you all in on something very important to me, very dear to my heart.

I love spices.

I love all kinds of spices and I love to have them especially in nachos and curry. I know that we live in Italy and there is such an incredible culinary tradition here and everything is so super fresh and made down the block and it's all so perfectly balanced and I know all of that but sometimes a girl needs her spice, do you know what I mean? And I love hot, burn-my-tongue-and-bring-tears-to-my-eyes kinds of things, and I need to have those kinds of things on a fairly regular basis. I am after all from New York and so from a very wee young age I was made privy to a world far beyond my own: a world of chutney, of fish sauce, of jerk spices, of mole. And now I, like many others who move from their place of origin to another, cannot really fathom an existence where those things are not present.

friends, if you don't know this guy you are missing out. 

friends, if you don't know this guy you are missing out. 


After all these many years spent wandering the earth I have, among many other things, developed a keen eye for exactly where there might be a speciality shop that would sell items not normally found in the mainstream markets of any given place. I have found peanut butter in Thailand, Ben and Jerry's in Algeria, and taco shells in England (harder than you'd think); Italy has proved a challenge, but one that I have luckily faced with aplomb. And its a lucky thing, because I was running low on spice and my trips to England and what's more, there are things which must compliment those spices and lentils do not make check in baggage lighter.

Viterbo is the answer! 

Viterbo is the answer! 


Luckily, I am not the only misfit in town. No no, we find each other on the fringes, as I once said when thinking about Tuscania itself. In this case, we have been brought together by our spiritual curry leader, Janet Pell, to form an alliance of sorts, a confederation, a club if you will.

Curry Club.

And with all great Clubs, we have some rules:

First rule of Curry Club: you do not talk to ANYONE about Curry Club (nah that's not true, we talk about it with everyone, even people that truly don't care)

Second rule of Curry Club: you DO NOT talk to anyone about Curry Club (no seriously, it's totally open and cool to come and hang out)

Third Rule of Curry Club: If someone says its too spicy, they have to eat it anyway (nah not really, there's usually a few curries around)

Fourth Rule of Curry Club: Only two curries to battle it out for King Curry (not true either, anyone can make a curry and really the more the better)

Fifth Rule of Curry Club: Only one curry at a time (hmm, actually usually I like to mix a bit but this might not be such a bad rule)

Sixth Rule of Curry Club: No shirts, no shoes (well I suppose this one depends on how the night goes and how much wine is had)

Seventh Rule of Curry Club: Curries will go on as long as they have to (I mean, no one really bothers with dessert so this is also kind of true)

Eighth Rule of Curry Club: If this is your first night at Curry Club, you have to make a curry (nah, you can just bring wine)

My friends, the first official meeting of Curry Club is happening as you read this, and reports are soon to follow. Curry on!