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Lemon Meringue 2.0 (Poppy Seeds)

Lemon Poppy seed Meringues

Lemon Poppy seed Meringues

I missed my opportunity the last time I made lemon meringues but this time I vowed to try it. Poppy seeds sprinkled on top before drying- a simple move, a whole new result.   
Although lemons do grow here its not quite the climate that you'll find further south in Sorrento, where lemons are the area's most famous export. However poppies are an iconic feature of the Lazio landscape, and you'll find yourself driving amongst field after field of them. As long as they have been baking in these parts they have been adding poppy seeds to foods, and I want to work on using the poppy flowers in a dish (although they have until now been quite difficult to preserve). So the next time you order your regular poppy seed bagel at the local deli, remember that there is a long history in that little seed.