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Rosemary Cantucci


Outside of Italy, we tend to use biscotti to describe the hard Italian cookie that we all like to take with our coffee and which makes us feel like we could just squeeze in one last thing after dessert. However in Italy, biscotti refer to any type of cookie (biscuit) and if you introduce what you think are biscotti to a group of Italians they will very definitely laugh at you. Instead, the hard cookies are known as cantucci particularly in Tuscany. As we're in what is known as Alto Lazio or upper Lazio and are quite close to the Tuscan border many of the colloquialisms are shared. But alas, you will not yet find me languishing and looking for that special someone under the Lazian sun...

Because the area overflows with Rosemary throughout the year I love to use it as often as I can. Moreover, as it isn't particularly considered a sweet aromatic, I like the interplay of the rosemary's slight bitterness with the firmness of the cantucci.


Rosemary Cantucci 


150g Butter
100g Fresh Rosemary

lightly melt butter on stove top and add the rosemary. 
remove from heat and store in fridge for 24 hours
Take from fridge and melt again lightly
blend until smooth, strain to remove any pieces, reserve

75g egg yolks
150g Sugar
1 batch Rosemary Butter
200g Flour
14g baking powder
5g salt
whisk the egg yolks and sugar until thick and lighter in colour (this is known as the ribbon stage)
have your butter liquid but not hot and slowly whisk into egg mix
fold in flour, baking powder and salt
reserve in fridge until cool

Shape your dough into logs as long as you want but keep them at about 4cm in diameter
roll the log in chopped fresh rosmary and sprinkle with cocoa powder
bake at 170C for 30mins (or untill a nice golden brown)

Once baked leave to cool
slice 1cm thick on a bias and lay out on a sheet tray
dry biscotti at 90C for an hour