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Orecchiette Di Grano Arso, Garden Peas

Orecchiette di Grano Arso con piselli tre volte 

Orecchiette di Grano Arso con piselli tre volte 

If you read the burnt flour post, you'll know that I was working on this pasta dough last week and that this is one of the first iterations of Grano Arso. If you haven't yet read it and want to know more about the history behind the burnt flour, have a read and then check out the final dish. 

Having taken a highly unofficial and informal vote of a few friends, we all decided that orecchiette is probably one of the top pasta shapes in the history of pasta shaping. I mean, it does everything: it holds sauce like no other, goes wonderfully with vegetables, and generally just looks like something you just want to eat.

Even though orecchiette is typically from Apulia, I really liked the way that the sweetness of the peas blended with that slight bitterness we talked about in the Grano Arso. So if you'll excuse the poetic license, I'll invite you to try out the dish for yourself. It couldn't be simpler, just a bit of butter and oil tossed through the peas and orecchiette, and finished off with pea greens and pea flowers. 

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