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Lemon Meringues

Lemon Meringues

Lemon Meringues

I do like a good meringue, Ginger not so much. But hey, we can't agree on everything, can we? That would hardly make for good blog fodder. 

I love that meringue has such great texture (this is what Ginger hates about it). This textural element makes it a lot of fun to play around with different flavours. I've already done this with the pine needle meringue that you can find in the photo gallery, though today I went for a classic lemon. The zest of the lemon reduces the overall sweetness of the meringue, and the balance between the two of them is what makes this such a timeless dish.

I'll eventually write an entire post on the four techniques of meringue, so the few words I write here hardly do justice to the whole process. Essentially however, making meringue is quite simple: 

150g Egg Whites

300g sugar

Zest of two lemons

Make sure that you always start with a dry bowl, as any water in the bowl will make it nearly impossible for you to bring all the ingredients together and get the familiar result. But it really is as simple as putting it in your KitchenAid and whipping it into a delightful frenzy. 

Lemon Meringue Dry

To get them in the drop shape I put the finished meringue in a piping bag and cut the bag diagonally. As I dried out the batch it struck me that I could have finished them with poppy seeds and that Lemon Poppy Meringues would probably be amazing. There's always next time (I bet Ginger still won't eat them though)...